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Bespoke Suit styling for men


Bespoke tailoring is really impressive when you wear it after making your suit by an expert tailor in Thailand. It all depends on fashion trends and men's mood. What suit is good for you ? and why should you buy an excellent suit for your daily needs?


Men's fashion

Men's clothing are far more unique than women's, and as a result of this difference in design a great deal of men's fashion focuses on subtle and less obvious details that add character to any ensemble. Shirt types Vintage shirts in Thailand are a great addition to your wardrobe as they're made from strong and elegant fabrics and tend to be of excellent quality. Suit style Thai suits are a little more tight than American ones and tend to emphasise the shoulders and chest. Suits made from Thai cotton are stiffer than most, making them a perfect choice for those who prefer to be completely formal with no frills.


Types of suits

There are two types of suits, formal and casual. Formal suit is more formal, dressy, with a shirt and tie, formal trousers with a suit and shirt. Casual suits are very casual, they don’t have a shirt and tie, but it is still smart, with trousers, no tie. What is suitable for There are 6 different models of suits: Tailored fit suits are for the tallest men, need more space, are more fashionable and popular. Two-piece suit with a shirt and tie are for slim men, don’t have big bellies. Semi-formal suit for the slim men, with casual- smart and smart. Semi-formal suits with shirt and tie are for the smart men, they can wear without a tie if needed. Business suit with a shirt and tie, semi-formal, can be a really smart suit to wear as a professional.


Bespoke suit 

If you can afford the price of a Bespoke Suit, I can say that it's the way you should go for you, you are what you want to look like, a suit is the best attire for a man. Men's suit designs in Bangkok are of a high quality, however, compared with other countries, their cost is lower. Here are a few tailored suits, suits that I think are original and a good value for money. Café Suits in Bangkok The first 'nice' type of suit you can find in Bangkok, which comes in the classic suiting look. Suitings in Bangkok do have a casual undertone, however, if you're interested in wearing suits for the whole year or even months, then you might want to find out more.


Tailor in Thailand

How to choose the best handmade suit. Always try to buy a made to measure suit online or by your favorite tailor in Bangkok-tailor in Phuket, The capital of Thailand and most prestigious, sophisticated and opulent capital city of Thailand. Here you can get some cheap suits for men under 2000-15000 baht, good suits for not so expensive are expensive, so try to think when you are going to buy any suit online, be aware when you buy made to measure suits online.



 The tailor s

hop website of perfection required on your action.

How To Order A Suit Online: Tips For Getting The Perfect Suit


Our custom made suit process is very easy in all regards , just select a sample for your suit and mix it with your desired color combination with available patterns and get ready for measurement online. Yes, our tailor team will help you in each step to make your measurement according to your style .


Selecting your fabric

Suit fabric choices are available in four main categories – natural, vintage, solid and novelty. The only rule is the fabric should be 100% Original and no creases. For men who want a full suit, options include all-banded, wool, mohair, cotton and cotton blend. Whether you want to go casual or be the smartest guy on the street, you can wear a wool or cotton suit. Choosing the right pattern Patterns are available in two parts: business suits and casual suits. For business suits, you have your existing suits and choose from which patterns to make a new one. Sometimes, the basic color and style of your existing suits are in the pattern itself. For business-related suits, these patterns include options such as shirting or sports.


Choosing your style

- your measurements and other choices for the suit -  ( an additional package available) - Tailoring template and material description - fabric patterns and fabric combination - colors to combine with your chosen suit - The measured measurements will be sent for your choosing - Choose the fabric and color choice of your choosing and apply with any stains - We also offer free shipping for your suit - free packing and delivery of the suit It will take 5-7 business days to get your new suit.


Telling us your measurements

so you can ensure that the suit suits you exactly. Also, we inform our customers about how to order best for ourselves as the delivery time and formalities are very important. Once you request us to get your measurements we will take care of you by using highly professional and technical measuring instruments and assess your measurements carefully. Also check the site to know about the best suit measurement guide If you feel worried because of your measurements or any other aspects, please get in touch with us for our smooth assistance, we will do our best to make the process of custom suit order easy and simple for you.


Putting in your order for process

First you will need to calculate your measurements, then you will be able to see the available suit designs online , on the “Select your suit pattern” drop down menu choose the suit pattern and size in accordance with your measurements you will be able to see the available sample or flat version for your measurements which you will need to choose from the list. The process will take 15-20 minutes . Measurement After choosing the suit pattern you can choose the measurements you are going to measure, by filling in the body size field you will be able to set up your own size. Once you click on the "Measuring" button, the tailor team will calculate your measurements, the feedback will be sent to you in order to make sure your measurement is accurate.


Checking your order with your measurement

So, now check your finished piece and make sure everything will fit right, and before you try it, get this safety measure because the measurements are included with your online order . "Orders for suits must be prepared by experienced tailors or by experienced gentlemen with the possibility to measure the client, this means that it takes several days for a suit to be completely handmade by master tailors". says the customer . Quality Assurance : Your product will be completely handmade by masters of tailoring , so do not expect it to come in any inferior quality. You can be sure that our tailor team makes your suit for excellent quality, we can check the garment details to confirm that it’s in perfect condition.


you are all set to get your suit at your doorstep

6. Polished- If you want to look confident and polished then you have to play with your details a little, what we say is keep things simple, remove every other bright color from your accessories and choose a contrasting one. Stick with dark colors if you want to keep your simplicity. And what we all love the most is to get custom made suits with contrast and pattern matching. Our suit fits great, with just a little adjustment, you can look totally polished, trendy and dressy. Our suit styles are so versatile that you can wear them at office, party, going out with your friends and even at a formal function. These suits are classic, durable and offer you more than a simple black and white option.



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